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These are the Deadline 2014 Sponsors - We <3 you! 
Btw. they all have demoscene connections - check out their job-offers if you want to work with fellow demosceners in awesome companies!

TVSMILES ist the first reward-program for TV commercials.
We allow advertising companies to get in direct touch and interact with TV-viewers while watching their spots. This allows TVSMILES to close the gap between TV commercials, digital marketing and point-of-sale. We gained momentum from mid 2013 with TV advertising exposure and top app ratings and are one of the top Entertainment-Apps in German App-Stores.

TVSMILES is always looking for talented developers to join our young and international team. Currently we are looking for:

Head of development

In this position you will lead the server and mobile development teams. You agree deliverables in close cooperation with our CTO. You choose the right technologies and define the overall architecture to meet present and future requirements.
Your strong development background allows you to guide other developers technically. Your experience and social skills enable you to lead your team personally. 

Senior Backend-Developer

Experience with Object oriented design and development, data structures and design patterns. Experience with Java 6+, Struts 1.x/ Spring MVC, JDBC, Hibernate, IntelliJ and Web Services (XML, SOAP/RESTful).Experience with Postgres and Dynamo DB.
Experience with build servers such as Jenkins. Familiarity with continuous integration principles and Git-Flow.

To send us your CV or for any questions, please contact us at: jobs(at)

Once upon a time there were three software/UI Design enthusiasts who fought their way through the wild development jungle. Their ways crossed several times until they realized that they all shared the same ideals and drive for excellence. So they joined forces nearly a decade ago and founded the brotherhood named Still to take up challenges in one of the most mythical realms in the computer world: the demoscene. On their many adventures together they visited strange places and achieved a lot of glory and fame. But still bound to their swayers they started thinking about the next step: building their own small kingdom ruled only by themselves.

Out of this idea Framefield was born. With an unbeatable team we develop software that fulfills the customer’s needs: fast, stable, attractive and usable in all aspects. Mastering a lot of different projects over time has given us a fine sense of finding the thin line between the perfect implementation of a project and delivering on time

Swarm64 is a startup located in Oslo and Berlin which has deep roots in the computer demoscene. Our team combines 28 years of professional experience in hardware design with over 40 years of experience in writing performance critical software applications, tools and drivers.

Join us to design the future of cluster-scale computing. Our berlin-based team is looking for real coders and hardware heroes:

Software Engineers (m/f)

Advanced programming skills in C or C++. Ability to conceptualize and develop complex and high performance programs as well as master challenging tasks. Applicants should be able to show a track record of programming achievements from their professional or personal projects. Developers who have a keen interest in computer architecture can get the opportunity to work on mixed hardware-software projects.

Hardware Engineers (m/f)

Experience in using VHDL or Verilog, and an interest in cutting-edge computer architecture. Ability to think through complex logical problems and design and implement new, ground-breaking solutions. Programming abilities in C and C++ will support your application.


To send us your CV or for any questions, please contact us at: jobs(at)

To 1/0 and beyond.

To 1/0 and beyond.

We've been around back in the days, we're still here ...
Today we're all Apple.

iMazing Computersysteme - Apple Authorized Reseller / Apple Premium Service Provider - Berlin Friedrichshain

iMazing is your friendly Apple Premium Service Provider located in Berlin Friedrichshain.

Viprinet is a German development company producing a line of unique WAN/VPN routers:
The Multichannel VPN Router series is able to bond multiple different Internet access media (like ADSL + UMTS/3G) to form a highly reliable and fast corporate Internet connection at near to any place in the world. These days, Viprinet routers can be found in the corporate environment, but also in fire trucks, ships, TV stations, and hospitals. At Deadline, Viprinet will provide a highly reliable high-speed Internet connection utilizing several Multichannel VPN Routers with suitable Hotplug Modules and a sophisticated antenna solution.

Viprinet was founded in 2006 by Simon Kissel, widely known inside the demo scene as scamp. His heavily growing company is now distributing their products world wide, most development including all hard- and software taking place at their corporate central Bingen am Rhein.

Lots of demo sceners are part of Viprinet as full-time employees and freelancers.
Ethics are strong, leadership concepts are innovative, and nerds are the heart of the company.

Seit 1992 ist Black Box Music aus Berlin im Bereich Veranstaltungstechnik
tätig. Dies beinhaltet u.a. Komplettlösungen für Tournee- und
Konzertveranstaltungen, Theaterproduktionen, Corporate Events und Messen.

Black Box Music bietet ihnen eine breite Auswahl an Services für die
Planung, Begleitung und Umsetzung von Veranstaltungen in hoher Qualität und
mit großer Flexibilität.


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