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To the reason and people behind the organisation of the deadline party 2014


About us:

This year, the demoscene invites you for the first time to the “deadline” demoparty in Berlin. What's the fascination of the demoscene and a demoscene party?

Most people who have seen computers from the 80s and 90s, like c64, Amiga or Atari and even Pc, might remember the small intros before many of the games they played. These small programs, sometimes even better than the game itself, were the beginning of one of the most creative underground computer art-scenes ever: the demoscene.

More information:

For those who haven´t seen these old machines, or are more into new computers:

It is about the possibilities! And the fun! Think of an animation. Think of it not as drawn, rather as just a program which runs and creates the animation in the same moment you see it. In real time. Think of the challenge to combine your graphics, your own music and your programming to something like that. That is a demo!

If you are a programmer who loves limitations - try to do the same in 64,8,4 or even just 1 KByte. Maybe even choose a computer or a console which isn´t produced anymore.

You could create your demo by spending many hours sitting in front of your computer alone or with your friends. And then comes the demoparty - and your release will be shown. On a big screen. The music, loud as a bomb on a soundsystem with a bass that hits your stomach.You see the people next to you, watching, reacting. You have a beer and enjoy the show. You've earned it. Why? Because you can!

Have you ever seen your own program on an atari VCS 2600? That machine has a ram of 128 bytes! Try to press something out of it! Why? Because you can!

If you just have an old printer lying around, you think it's a waste to throw it away - so you build something out of it, make a music instrument - just a funky ashtray. And yeah, you can!


demosceners at work - planing the deadline

And there aren't just programmers, there are artists and musicians who create something and use their computer for fun and not just another job. They range from professionals to self-taught people, with ideas you might never have seen before. Why? Because they want to and they do it. 

Ask yourself: How many times have you thought - “If I could just do what I want to…” - you can - just for the fun of it! Be creative - be yourself. Be different. We love this stuff - so show it here and exchange your ideas with other people.

XXX from the demoscene group Haujobb once said: “A demoparty is a mixture between woodstock and a LAN-party.” (Actually this doesn´t describe the half of it - but well, it's a start for people who haven´t had any experience with the demoscene before!). One of the most fitting comments we can add is from Pixtur/Still: “Demo-art as an art form itself, is the only one which in itself is a true non-commerical art.” And we add: it is one hell of a party!

Those are our main reasons. There are a few others, like there are a lot of retired and active demosceners in and around Berlin. We are close and easy to reach also from the eastern, northern, southern and western parts of the demoscene world. A lot of small events have already taken place around Berlin, like the Berlin Pub Meeting, BSM, Geeks can Dance or the BCC parties.  Great events, but a real demoparty for 3 days in a row and open to all platforms was still missing. So we wanted to do it. We are demosceners and as you can see - we can do it!