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Bleepstreet Records was created in 1998 by Johan Kotlinski, most famous for making the Gameboy music program Little Sound DJ (LSDJ).

With Kotlinski’s background in underground computing and alternative electronic music, Bleepstreet Records started publishing vinyl records of unpolished and groovy 8-bit music, legitimizing the sound of filthy and raw data action rather than nostalgia and pixels. In 2008 the label moved from Stockholm to Berlin and began to flourish again since trendy styles like maximal, dubstep and EDM were melodically rooted in oldschool game culture.

Bleepstreet aims at showcasing what über nostalgic videogame nerds don’t. Live performances with real-time generated music, DJ-sets with the funkiest floppy music, VJs with the most untrendy pixel art, workshops for the wannabes, lectures for the academics, audiovisual chill-out sessions for the psychonauts, or even screenings of true underground data art, all more or less made with old home computers. With new secret software and fresh approaches, Bleepstreet has always filled the gap between the global dancefloor and the underground Chiptune scene.


Midi-Man is the latest Bleepstreet’s local secret weapon to fire up the dancefloor while remaining distant from trendy House and EDM beats, he literally destroyed the Evoke 2014 Outdoor party with his own homebrew Hard Techno style performed on a couple of Gameboys running Nanoloop with the finesse of a true Techno wizard!

Midi-Man discovered the light of the sequencers at the beginning of 2007, while he was working with synthesizers such as Korg EMX/ESX or Jomox XBase 09. After his first performances with his high tech equipment, he started to show interest in the art of the synthesis of the analog sounds and he made his own semi-modular synthesizer as well as his C64 SIS synth. Since then, the fun started and he started to perform with his grey Game Boy. Consequently his contacts in Europe have been growing up allowing him to play in cities such as Köln, Wuppertal, Dresden, Frankfurt, Koblenz or Valencia.


A true Techno critter of the night and a recent newcomer to the Berliner underground party scene. He comes from Chile and he was recently discovered by Bleepstreet agents at the 8bitVomit party series in Kreuzberg pounding a wild techno and electro set straight from his Gameboys synced to an Electribe groovebox from which he delivers his personal sound manifesto. Since that night he has been playing at Bleepstreet parties and producing his debut EP.

At the same time he is also busy promoting live analog driven party nights under the Mechatronika collective he co-runs with friends in Berlin. Pure Gameboy-Acid-Techno-Underground-Powa!


Computadora is a nerd with an attitude, he discovered the C64 Demoscene in Germany in the late 80s and was quite obsessed with it until the mid-90s when he upgraded to an Amiga 500 to focus primarily on music. In 1998 he starts DJing mods and xm files for fun at small local parties with no intention to keep doing it but time passes quick and in 2008 he takes over the direction of Bleepstreet Records where he starts organizing bigger nights with Chiptune sets mashed up with Amiga mods, sweaty Electro and Techno around the European underground club nights.

The result of all these years experimenting with music and different computer platforms are more than 50 dates that brought him to DJ at prestigious Demoparties like Evoke (2013,2014) and Revision (2014), Clubs like Berghain Kantine, WMF or Tresor in Berlin and festivals around Europe like Transmediale in Germany, Gogbot in the Netherlands, Lunchmeat in Prague and countless underground club nights in Milano, Oslo, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Prague and Berlin.


Flying Dutchman DaTucker  is famous in the demoscene for his DJ-sets at important demoparties. Revision, Evoke, Nordlicht, Outline and X'2010, he served them all with one of his sets. 

Now capital city of the German underground Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene and hometown of Deadline, Berlin, will be added to his résumé. DaTucker likes to 'play' the story of EDM.

Not just one style in a set but a wide variety of Disco, Chicago, Detroit and Acid House, Old and New Skool Electro blended with 8-bit influenced tracks, Techno, Minimal and Deep House.

You want EDM? You'll get all of it!


In 1986, deathy wrote his first demo, and he also wrote his first song. About 10 years later, he wrote his first song that didn't completely suck. We're still waiting for him to write a good song.

Quite recently, he got a wild hair to take up DJing, a hobby that goes hand-in-hand with the fact that he's always listening to music.  He prefers to play Ghetto Funk and Nu-funk, but also likes to drop in some Electro swing... it's all about music with a groove that makes you want to move.


Now based in Hamburg, skomp  became addicted to electronic dance music in the 90s. He began DJing during his studies in Oldenburg and dropped his unique Techno and House sets at many parties throughout Northern Germany. Soon, he was known for his groovy sets as a resident of the Flutlicht party series.

Alpha C

Hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Alpha C  is an active musician for demoscene groups TRBL and Digital Sounds System, and has recently been branching out with chiptune-oriented live shows (most recently at the EINDBAAS 5 years anniversary edition).
At Deadline, he will showcase the full breadth of his work.


Known as a ZX Spectrum obsessive and dedicated to making technology do stuff that it patently shouldn't, he also entertained many people at his spontaneous "real party is outside" party events on revision and stage performances on many demo-parties around the demoscene-world.