Liveacts & DJs

Check out this years live-acts and DJs:

Great Tortina Soundsystems

Stage 2: The Vacuum Karate Dojo

Live Remix of oldschool C64 music and originals tunes.

Thorge Pries – Programming, Drums

Alfonso Montesinos – Bass

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Since 15 years Remute reliably delivers dozens of eccentric Techno-anthems like ‘Zuendli’ or ‘Gravity?’ and sweaty gigs at countless parties and places, but 2016 has been a tremendously important year for him: His new album ‘Play The Game’ beams him right back to his roots – games from the 16bit era! SNES, MegaDrive, Amigaaaaaaaa – you name it! He never sounded so chiptuny, synthwavy and, well,  just overall catchy before and you definitely can imagine some pixels and sprites going crazy to this like in your favourite SHMUP or Beat ’em up!  Deadline, get ready for Remute… live!!!