25th Dynablaster World Championships

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issued by the ODWCC (Official Dynablaster World Championship Committee), July 2016
contact the ODWCC: admin@mcandy.de

The Dynablaster World Championship started in 1991 at the Nuance Barbeque Meeting in Germany. Following World Championships took place in Denmark (The Party), Switzerland (Bünzli) and Germany (Mekka/Symposium, Munich Consoluseum & Deadline).
The Dynablaster World Championship can only be played on real Amiga Hardware using a 4-player-adapter.
The pure gameplay-version is played (no skulls, no luck-factors). A game ends, when someone got 5 wins.

  • The World Championship starts with quarterfinals (4 games with usually 4 participants).
  • If there are less than 16 people signing up, at least 12 people are needed to conduct the World Championship (4 games with at least 3 participants).
  • If more than 16 people are signing up, no. 17 to 20 can compete, but have to play on the keyboard (first come, first serve). Up to 4 games with 5 participants are possible.
  • If more than 20 people are signing up, at least 24 participants are needed to do 8 games with at least 3 participants, before the quarterfinals can start.

The best two players of each game are moving forward. If one player got 5 wins, and the second best players have the same amount of wins, those two (or three/four) are playing one “golden bomb”-game. (e.g. the one who wins the first game is moving forward instantly).

If participants are not showing up, a game with 4 players can be reduced to at least 3 participants. Nevertheless, the best two players will move forward.

Playing schedules and price for the champion are sponsored by the ODWCC.
Participants are allowed to bring their own joysticks.

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